How to Correctly & Safely Place Your Order

All transactions are processed via Shopify Payments or PayPal and are encrypted for your safety. All payments must be made before your order is shipped to you.

We work closely with Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode to provide you with a safer shopping experience when using your card online.

All credit/debit cardholders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer.  Additional validation and fraud checks are carried out internally.

We have a very talented fraud team that will analyse all orders before they are shipped to make sure your card hasn't been used fraudulently. 


Here are some tips to make sure you order goes through correctly first time: 

- Make sure your billing address is the correct billing address of where your card is registered too

- Make sure the billing address is correct line for line to what is shown on your bank statments 

- Do not use a proxy connection on the device that you are using to place the order

- Make sure that your home/work address hasn't been blacklisted by a previous tenant/employee 

- Try not to place multiple orders in a short period of time 

- Don't use more than one card to try and pay for an order if the payment fails 


If you are struggling to place your order or have any concerns, please email us on and we will be able to help you as best as we can. 


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