My Order Was Cancelled as Suspect Fraud?

If you have received an email from us stating that your order was canceled due to suspect fraud, please email our support team on - - and they will be able to help you out further with this situation. 

We have a very talented fraud team in place that analyse each and every order to protect you and ensure your card hasn't been used fraudulently and your details are safe and secure. If there is any suspicious activity on the order and it has been flagged as high risk to us, then there is a chance that this might be cancelled. 

We do have the right to cancel and refund any order that we wish if we believe there to be fraudulent activity on it. 

All orders are subject to fraud analysis. 


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    Andreea Chindris

    why did you write that the order is canceled at my request? I did not make a request for cancellation. I made an order, I paid it and I would like to bring my products. I do not understand why you do not take my order. It is the third time when I order and then cancel itlol