If you are interested in being sponsored by Maniere De Voir - please send a message to us via Instagram and our Affiliate Team will be able to pick this up and discuss this further with you. 

We don't deal with marketing enquires through our support hub, so please refrain from emailing contact@manierdevoir.com with sponsorship or marketing opportunities.


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    Joshua Boateng

    Hello, my name is Joshua Sarfo-Boateng and I am coming to Manière De Voir to represent the brand from Toronto. I believe that I have what it takes to increase the sales and popularity of the MDV Brand in Toronto. I am a loyal customer to the brand and I will always be. Thank you for your time. I hope this email gets into the right hands. I am hoping to hear back.

    My social media platform is : @yksjb (instagram)

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    Deasha Sanders

    Hi my name isDeasha Sanders and I was wondering is there a way to buy wholesale from you guys?