My Tracking Number Shows My Parcel Has Been Delivered, But I Haven't Received This?

If you have checked your tracking number to find out where your parcel is, and it shows as delivered and signed for, please follow the below checks before getting in touch with us. 

- Has your neighbour or family member signed for this on your behalf? 

- Do you recognise the name or signature of the person who has signed for this? 

- Check your address on your order confirmation, to make sure the correct house number, street, postcode were included. If there was a slight error in your address, please check at that address for your parcel. 

- If your parcel has been delivered to a place of work, university accommodation or an apartment block, please check with reception and all members of staff on duty when your parcel was signed for. 

If, after these steps have been followed, and you still can't find your order, please email our support team on and they will be able to open an investigation with the delivery company and resolve the matter for you as quickly as possible. 

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    Order number 240755 Hi i ordered two items from your site and was meant to recieve them yesterday morning but did not as its christmas i can understand your busy but i spent £200 can i at least get a refund of my money please i waited in my house all day when i had places to be and i am very displeased I’ve emailed about 3 times and still no one has replied to me