My Tracking Number Shows My Parcel Has Been Delivered, But I Haven't Received This?

If you have checked your tracking number to find out where your parcel is, and it shows as delivered and signed for, please follow the below checks before getting in touch with us. 

- Has your neighbour or family member signed for this on your behalf? 

- Do you recognise the name or signature of the person who has signed for this? 

- Check your address on your order confirmation, to make sure the correct house number, street, postcode were included. If there was a slight error in your address, please check at that address for your parcel. 

- If your parcel has been delivered to a place of work, university accommodation or an apartment block, please check with reception and all members of staff on duty when your parcel was signed for. 

If, after these steps have been followed, and you still can't find your order, please email our support team on and they will be able to open an investigation with the delivery company and resolve the matter for you as quickly as possible. 

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    Order number 240755 Hi i ordered two items from your site and was meant to recieve them yesterday morning but did not as its christmas i can understand your busy but i spent £200 can i at least get a refund of my money please i waited in my house all day when i had places to be and i am very displeased I’ve emailed about 3 times and still no one has replied to me

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    My order claims to have been posted through the letterbox. I was not home. I expect Hermes to either call me or leave my order at a realistically safe place and leave me a card to inform me of the same. This is no way a parcel full of clothing is able to fit through my letter box. I am appalled at the service. I expect my matter to be looked into as this is a waste of my time and money.

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    aimeegemx x

    Order number- 409482.
    My order claims to have been delivered in outhouse, which I am not able to access and is locked. Was locked when it was said to be delivered.

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    Emmanuella Pippim

    they haven’t texted me, i haven’t got a signature they claim they left it in my porch but i live in a flat

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    rebecca manderson

    Hi, I have not received my order which cost £290. Apparently left in my garden, which has an open gate opposite my neighbour's garden and they have not seen the parcel or moved it. I don't know what delivery driver would leave a parcel in an open garden!

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    Des Hyatt

    Order number: 485467 My son made an order on the 18/07/19. It apparently was delivered on 20/07/19 @ around 12.07 we had an email confirmation but we was at home at this time & no parcel arrived. I sent an email on the 22/07/19 with all the details, we had a confirmation email saying that it would take 72 hours to be investigated. 1 week later & no one has been in touch, you really need a number for communication as this is very very frustrating & annoying knowing that we have paid money for something that we have not received & not one bit of response from yourself very disappointing. Can someone please get back to us.

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    Sonya Kalsi

    My order #489963 says it arrived on the 27th but still hasn’t arrived and someone’s signed for it Iv contacted everyone and no one seems to tell me there going to Re send the parcel or that they are going to re fund me

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    Tomi Aderinto

    #598754 I received a email confirming my parcel has been delivered, however when i reached home i was shocked to see a Hermes slip through my letter box stating my parcel is in the bush in my front drive, when i looked through the bush it was nowhere to be seen. This is soo unprofessional and bad service from the courier as this is visible to the general public as by passers can see it. I’m very upset about this as i needed this item for a holiday that I’m leaving for tomorrow. Please can I speak with a representative for assistance for a full refund.

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    Apple One

    My order was sent to the complete wrong address

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    Jason Lab

    I used Hermes tracking to get status on my parcel today & according to the Hermes tracking it had been delivered & signed for today at 10:36am. On arrival home I've gone to collect my parcel from my delivery address which is my local corner shop 10-15 seconds walk away to find that no delivery had been made. I asked the shopkeeper to show me the CCTV footage from 30mins before & after the alleged delivery time which showed no delivery was attempted within this time frame. I've just spent 2 hours looking through CCTV just to confirm that no delivery was made. It is very obvious that the Hermes driver who carried out this is a thief who is fraudulently signing & keeping the goods or selling on the goods, this isn't the 1st time either & I've purposely not shopped with any company that uses Hermes to deliver on their behalf for this exact reason. In this particular case I just had a delivery from the exact same company on Saturday 08/02/20 morning so 2 days later on the same round delivered to the same shop this time my parcel has gone missing this is disgusting behaviour & I'm not the only person in this area Kennington SE11 to have fallen victim to these thieves. I propose that as with some other delivery companies the drivers name & depot should be viewable along with the tracking so these thieves can be identified, named & shamed.

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    Daniël bom

    Order number- #633167
    My track and trace yells its delivered but its not. So i have no idea where my package is atm. I order this for a party, and the website says 4-7 workdays but in waiting 10 now and need to buy something else for the party!...

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    LaKoya Brown

    My order isn’t showing any updates mates from April 22

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    Walid Abdulla

    My order isn’t showing any updates mates from mei 1

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    Never received item and they did not keep me updating on delivery to my item

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    Destiny cardwell

    Hi my name is destiny Cardwell I recently made a purchase with you guys and I never received my package the DHL says my package was delivered and I never Got anything

    And they said so fucking body signed my package and I never got anything .. what is going on and I see similar comments like this !! Serious