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At the moment we don't have a contact telephone number that can be reached. We understand that sometimes you want to speak to a person over the phone for a quick turn around, however, we can assure that all emails are replied to within a timely manner and we will re-solve the issue for you as quickly as we can. 



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    I've ordered from the site and it's been a week now. No delivery has come. I don't know what game man this site is playing why you have no contact number but I will expose you, you have no contact number because your bumping people Clearly!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar

    231502 you tell me where the order is mate, Charlie is a fraud

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    I’ve been a member of Maniere De Voir since 013 and never had any problems until now. Have no idea at what games Maniere De Voir is trying to play with their loyal customers but it’s clear something dodgy is going on..

    I ordered 2 tracksuits on the 23rd November. Look at the date now, still received nothing and I was explained it may take an extra day which I was sweet with. That extra day has been an extra 6 days...

    Now out of no where Maniere De Voir are trying to refund me with no explanation? But only want to refund me half of what I paid with no items turning up?

    I told you, Maniere De Voir are playing games and are being very dodgy and if this isn’t sorted by this Monday. I can promise you, it will 100% be going further.

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    ravi digwa

    This is crazy I have placed orders and it says delivered and I have not received my orders!! Since Black Friday!!! I am going to report this now as I have sent a number of emails and still had no refund or response!!! I'm a loyal customer!!!

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    Bt Internet

    What is going on ? This site is awful, why is there no number to call? I have had no order confirmation email (but have paid) and now want to return item but can't with no order number ? Have sent many emails and no one has got back to me and the website gets you going round in circles! Worst customer service ever

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    °aRy° Rincón Miranda


    Think twice before you order! I placed an order in November, a month later I revived 4 out of the 9 items that I paid for... the parcel came with NO INVOICE and because of this I had to pay more than double the normal taxes, customers decided the "declared value"

    In December I requested the rest of my items to be sent with invoice... a month later this guy Charlie, emails me every 4,5 days to ask me for a picture of the invoice.

    I want my money back! This is FRAUD, Charlie hasn't replied since last Thursday and MDV just took away my money two months ago...