I Have an Item Missing From My Order!

Some of our items are so popular that they can go out of stock really quickly. Unfortunately, that means occasionally we’re not able to send you all the items in your order. We understand that this can be very frustrating and we will issue you with a refund for your missing item. 

We always try to let you know before your order is shipped that there is an out of stock item and issue you with a refund. However, if you receive your parcel and there's a missing item and you haven't received an email from us, please get in contact with our support team at contact@manieredevoir.com and they will be able to assist you with this. 

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    Vanessa Acosta

    I'm missin an item and you have yet to let me know what's goin on. I didn't even get refunded

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    Vanessa Acosta

    And I emailed you

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    Vanessa Acosta

    I just got your email thank you I am waiting for my new trackin number

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    I have sent an email, I bought 2 items seprately I received email that one has been dispatched, but there is nothing about my other item not even a code, I have looked in my PayPal and both money's have come out, and in the email u sent me you have seemly only sent one item out and nothing about the other item that has been paid for please advice, I have transactions ID number and invoice ID number from PayPal thank you

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    T Snape

    I ordered 2 items over a week ago and still not received them and the money has left my account. I have emailed and also have received no feedback. I am rather angry at the fact there seems to be no contact with customers. I see now what a mistake I ave made as all of you seem to be experiencing the same problem.

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    denise Earle

    I have 2 items missing from 2 separate orders and when I email you I receive no reply.
    Please can you back to me!!

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    I ordered some jeans & a hoodie but only the jeans were in the parcel, I've emailed 3 times & had no reply! Order #225515 this is a Xmas present! Will I receive hoodie in time? I have already paid for item.

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    I have 17 several emails, I've also messaged on Facebook several times.
    Regarding women's Fur Lined Coat - Size 12, £119.99 which was missing from my order.
    There was no delivery note inside package, only a return form please see below.
    Please can someone call me or email me & advise?
    I would like another coat or a refund ASAP?

    Kind Regards
    Marie Green
    Tel:07940 925 025


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    Tafadzwa Gore

    ORDER NUMBER... #394399
    ORDER PLACED... 01/16/2019
    I have 3 items missing from my order and you didn’t even bother to place a note with an explanation why is this so but you still took my money ! I demand to have my stuff ASAP or get my refund or I would rather just return your stuff and get all my money back ! Such a pathetic service after spending so much money on you . We deserve better

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    Keliana key

    ORDER NUMBER: 413280
    ORDER PLACED: 02/27/2019
    I just received my delievery package last night, and i got my white dress with waist belt BUT the waist belt wasn’t with the dress, it doesn’t come separate i looked up on the website, so therefore i paid for it and didn’t receive it, i haven’t heard back from nobody i feel like i deserve something back because i paid over hundred of dollars with the items that i bought and they should’ve been all there. I’ve been emailing y’all so many times and I’ve heaed nothing back, i don’t want a refund i just want the belt that goes with my outfit!!!